Insurance coverage for infertility treatment and for any other ailment (Medical or Surgical) varies depending on your insurance company or TPA’s. You must review the benefits and requirements of your medical plan, specifically infertility related coverage.
Benefits & Coverage
Health insurance companies often have a number of policies, each of which may vary in what they pay for either infertility treatment or any other illness or Surgical condition. We attempt to verify coverage for new patients, but you can avoid issues by understanding exactly what your specific insurance policy covers. You may find the following steps helpful as you review your covered benefits and gather information:
1. Examine your policy thoroughly.
2. Contact your health insurance company to see which infertility treatments or medical illness or surgical condition they cover, and which they do not.
3. When you call your health insurance company, take notes and write down the name of the representative you speak with.
4. Ask for details on which procedures and drugs are covered.
5. Ask whether there is an age restriction or maximum lifetime benefit.
6. Ask if you need a referral and how you can get one.
Many policies cover procedures used to diagnose infertility. Your health insurance company may pay for blood tests, a hystersalpingogram (HSG), hysteroscopy or Laparoscopy, semen analysis, and initial examinations and consultations. The lack of infertility coverage or any specific disease condition would require the patient to pay for services from their pocket.
Icon hospital is on panel of following TPA’s and and insurance companies
1. Cholamandalam insurance
2. HDFC insurance
3. Future Generali – TPA
4. Cigna TTK Health – TPA
5. Heritage Health – TPA
6. Rothshiled – TPA
And many more to follow…



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Department Doctor Name
Reproductive Medicine, Infertility and IVF Dr. Indrayani Hatwar
Dr. Nishad Chimote
Dr. Namrata Rathod
Dr. Mira Har Prasad

Pediatric & Neonatal Surgery, Urology,
Laparoscopy & Bronchoscopy
Dr. Sandeep Hatwar

Join Replacement &
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Karan Kishor Mane

Anaesthesia & Critical Care Dr. Ravi Gurbani
Dr. Poonam Patil
Dr. Gunjan Badwaik
Dr. Jagdish Rathod

Pathology Dr. Vikas Ingale

Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery Dr. Ahsan Badar

General Surgery & Laparoscopy Dr. Madhukar Thakare
Dr. Yunus Shah
Dr. Pitambar Masram

General Medicine & Critical Care Dr. Saurabh Rathi
Dr. Sameer Dasarwar

Opthalmology Dr. Rahul Tiwari

Plastic Surgery Dr. Manish Zade

Urology Dr. Sandeep Deshmukh

Neurosurgery Dr. Pankaj Sarda
Dr. Yogesh Shende

ENT Dr. Bhagyeshree Lonkar

IVF Specialist
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Pediatric Surgeon

Joint Replacement & Orthopaedic Surgeon

Anaesthetist & Intensivist


Bariatric Surgeon

Laparoscopic & General Surgeon
Laparoscopic & General Surgeon
Laparoscopic & General Surgeon

Intensivst & Physician
Intensivst & Physician

Vitro-Retinal Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon



ENT Surgeon